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朝日新聞 六月十六日專訪 (Asahi News 6/16/2014 interview):中文翻譯

日本語 Japanese - Download PDF

讀賣新聞 六月七日專訪 (Yomiuri News 6/7/2014 interview): Download PDF

日本發行的臺灣新聞 (Taiwan News in Japan 7/7/2014):

文化部新聞─臺日合製歌劇「梧桐雨」將在日本橫濱演出唐明皇與楊貴妃愛情故事2014.06.20 (News of Taiwan Ministry of Culture )


東京新聞 Tokyo Web 5/17/2014: Download PDF

The Bravo Magazine (June/2014): Download PDF

歌劇梧桐雨首次亮相北京舞台,Opera the Firmiana Rain First Appearance in the Beijing Stage, Sept. 24, 2011《梧桐雨》[现代歌剧]

京城飘过《梧桐雨》Oct.8, 2011

CHINABLÄTTER, Oct.26, 2007

The Village Voice Music, Nov 16 1999

Contemporary French flutes in tune with Taiwan

Taiwan Macro TV, Oct. 7, 2009

Centre Culturel de Taïwan à Paris Newsletter, September, 2009  

concert 3 on the bottom.

The Friend of Music (Japanese), January, 2008   click here

U.S. 1, Princeton, March 2005   click here

People’s Web, January15th, 2003: The 8 big international news.  click here

The New York Times, May 15, 2002

The New York Times, November, 2001 click here

The New York Times, August 27, 1996   click here

The Cincinnati Enquirer, Monday, March 13, 1995

The world premiere of May-Tchi Chen’s Continuum

… created a sonic world as mesmerizing to watch as to hear.  An atmospheric wash of sound, its dense textures, colored with glimmers of vibraphone and marimba, evolved into unique “harmonies” and rhythms with a sense of spontaneity.  Chen displayed an ingenious use of timbres and virtuoso writing; she is a composer to watch.

Taiwan Macro TV, Oct. 7, 2009

NOWNews, October, 2007 , October, 2003

Centre Culturel de Taïwan à Paris Newsletter, September, 2009 
<> concert 3 on the bottom., September, 2009 - 2009/09/21

United daily News,聯合報 August 22, 2009

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China Times, 中國時報 August 22, 2009
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United Literature Magazine, 聯合文學 February, 2008

China Times, 中國時報 民國93年3月3日

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China Times, 中國時報 民國

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The People's Livelihood Newspaper, 民生報 民國92年3月3日

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辛辛那提諮詢報評她的"時空恆流" : [陳顯示了才氣橫溢的音色掌握及管絃樂寫作....她創造的音色音響世界令人印象深刻;是位得矚目的作曲家]

人民網國際音樂八大新聞:七,中國音樂戲劇丰收年:盛宗亮英文歌劇《毛夫人》、陳玫琪的歌劇《梧桐雨》于4月底5月初在紐約上演,… 郭文景室內歌劇《夜宴》7月24日在林肯中心上演,譚盾歌劇新作《茶》10月在日本首演……2002年可謂中國音樂戲劇在國際舞台上的丰收年。
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