2015   Harmonious Resonance of Spring for pipa, flute, cl., vibraphone, vln. and vlc 

[premier May 2015 by Lan Weiwei and Orchestra 2001 in Beijing Modern Music Festival, second performance, Tianjin Grand Theater]

2012-14 Spring Reflections, violin concerto [premiere Feb. 2015 by Cho-Liang Lin and Orchestra 2001, Irvine Music Hall and Lang Music Center, Philadelphia]

2013   Sound track for Mei-Juin Chen’s 2013 film, the World of Li Xiang-Lan Music Festival, second performance, Tianjin Grand Theater] 

2010  Transformation in Purple for pipa solo

        [premiere Oct. 2010 by Wu Man, Trinity Music Center, Philadelphia. Second performance,     2011 the sound track of "Shadow | Play: The Empress Dowager in the Movies." at the Power |       Play exhibition at the Freer/Sackler Gallery in Smithsonian Museum ]

2009  La Sonorité de la Sphère 聲籟 for flute solo and flute orchestra

    [Premiere October 2009, Pierre-Yves Artaud and Orchestre Français de Flûtes, Salle Alfred    

    Cortot, Paris]

2008  Crystallization I for harp, Crystallization II for piano
[Premiere November 2008, Weil (Carnegie) Hall, New York]

2008  Whispering Intimacy, As in a Dream, 漱玉詞兩闕 for flute & mezzo soprano
          [premiere July 2008, Padies Festival, France]

2007 Spring River Floral Moon, 春江花月piano solo白鷺鷥文教基金會委約

          compulsory repertoire for the International Chopin Competition, Taipei, Taiwan,

          September 2008]  Click here for the video

2000-5 The Firmiana Rain, 梧桐雨 opera

         [Public Reading May 2002, New York City Opera,

        premiere November, 2007, 國家劇院 Taiwan

        National Theater]


2000  Dream Weaving : Fragments, Finding 織夢

     尋覓 for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon,

          contrabass,  percussion, and piano

         [premiere Jan. 2001, Institute for contemporary arts, Ethical Society, Philadelphia; second

         performance Oct. 2001, both by Relâche ensemble]

1998-9 Sonic Mandala 觀音之緣 for voice, pi-pa,
            trombone, string quartet

        [premiere Nov. 1999, Interpretations series,

        NYC, co-commissioned by World Music

        Institute; second and third performances Nov.

        Dec. 2001 New York, with Cho-Liang

        Lin; fourth and fifth performance March 2004,

        orchestra 2001, Philadelphia; sixth

        performance Feb.2005, Herbst  Theatre,

        San Francisco;  seventh performance

        March 2005, Princeton Art Museum]

1998  Celestial Blossoms 琪花瑤草 for chamber orchestra (Click here to listen)

          [premiere Dec. 1998, NYC, by the Orchestra of the Curtis Institute]

1998  Listen to the Song of the Wind 聽風的歌 for traditional Chinese ensemble (Click here to listen)

         [premiere Sept. 1998, National Music Hall, Taipei, by Wu Man and China Found

           Ensemble, second performance May 2002, Shanghai]

          third and fourth performances March 2010, Winter Olympic, Vancouver,  Philadelphia,

          fifth performance April 2010, Taipei

1995  Striking 驚蟄 for Pi-Pa (Chinese lute)  (Click here to listen)

         [premiere June 1995, Taipei, American premiere May 1996, Boston, third performance

         Feb. 1998, New York, all by Wu Man, fourth performance March 2005, Princeton]



1994  The Wind Whistling Through the Pines 風入松 (Click Here to Listen)
          for traditional Chinese ensemble 

          [premiere Nov. 1994, Amsterdam, following 7 concerts in  Rotterdam, Utrecht, Paris,

          Stuttgart; ninth performance, Jan. 1995,Taipei, by Shanghai Silk and Bamboo Quintet;

          3 more Taiwanese performances, March, April 1996, 2 concerts in Warsaw, Vienna,

          all by China Found ensemble

1993-4 Continuum 時空恆流 for Orchestra (Click here to listen)

         [commissioned by WGUC for the 125th anniversary of College-Conservatory of

         Music, Univ. of Cincinnati, premiere March 1995 by Cincinnati Philharmonia, dir.

         Gerhard Samuel; Taiwanese premiere June 1997, by Taipei Symphony Orchestra]

1993  Beyond the Festival 凡音流瞬 for 6 percussion (Click here to listen)

          [premiere May 1993, Taipei, by University of Michigan Percussion Ensemble;

          second performance December 1993, Warsaw New Music Festival; American premiere

          Aug. 1996, New York City, by Forum Music Group,  sixth performance March 1998,

          New York City, by Pulse Percussion Ensemble]                             

1991  Quartet 四重奏 for oboe, clarinet, percussion, and piano 

           [premiere April 1991, National Recital Hall, Taipei; American Premiere April 1997,

           Philadelphia, by Orcheatra 2001]

1990  Le Vent Balaye le Sable 浪淘沙 for Saxophone (Click here to listen)
          synthesizer, electronic percussion

          [premiere Feb. 1990, Centre Georges POMPIDOU, Paris; second performance
           March 1990, National Music Hall, Taipei.]            

1989  "Roncier Rose sur Treillis" en Novembre, à Paris 荼蘼花架隨想 (Click here to listen)
           for solo flute

           [premiere April 1989, France Musique, Radio France, Paris; second performance

            Aug. 1990, Hiroshima, Japan; both by Pierre-Yves Artaud, third performance

            March 1996, the Festival of Sino-American Music and Culture, Cincinnati; fourth

            performance April 1996, Paris; fifth performance March 1998, National Recital

            Hall, sixth performance March 2005, Princeton, seventh performance, Hôtel de

            Ville, Levallois, Feb. 2008]

1988  L'Amoureuse 眷戀 for Soprano, violin and bowed (Click here to listen)
          vibraphone /marimba

           [premiere April 1988, Cincinnati; second performance Feb. 1989, Paris; third

          performance Oct.1989, Taipei; fourth performance July 1990, Darmstadt; fifth

          performance Nov. 1990, Shanghai; sixth performance scheduled Nov. 2001, Taipei

1988  Passage Through the Maze 走出迷宮 for saxophone 

          [2 performances 1990 Copenhagen, Denmark.]

1987  Chiaroscuro 光影掩映 for flute, oboe, trombone,
          percussion, harp, 2 violins, viola, and double bass (Click here to listen)

           [premiere June in Buffalo, 1987, conducted by Bernard Rands; second performance

           March 1988, Cincinnati, conducted by Gerhard Sammuel; third performance March

           1990, Taipei, conducted by Paul Mefano; fourth performance Aug. 1990, Darmstadt,

           conducted by Aldo Brizzi.]


1986  Metempsychosis 蛻變 for piccolo, 2 flutes, 2 alto flutes, bass flute

          [premiere May 1986, Cincinnati; European premiere July 1986, Darmstadt; third

          performance Feb. 1987, Paris; fourth performance March 1990, Taipei.]


1984  Movement 律動 for string quartet

          [premiere May 1985, Cincinnati; second performance April 1988, Cincinnati; third

          performance March 1990, Taipei, by Paris Opera Players]


1983  Four Poems from T'ang Dynasty 唐詩四帖 for soprano, baritone and

          chamber ensemble 

         [performances 1984,85, Cincinnati, by the Contemporary Music Ensemble.]

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