Program Notes

Listen to the Song of the Wind

Listen to the Song of the Wind is a new work for traditional Chinese silk and bamboo ensemble, specially written for Wu Man and China Found Ensemble.  The aesthetic intention here is to adapt traditional idioms for each instrument and weave these phrases into a new context.  Familiar gestures from the Chinese regional operas as well as common modes of playing borrowed from other parallel instruments—e.g. the Mongolian Horse-head fiddle for Erhu were employed as basic materials.  The timbers of each instrument are treated as contrapuntal elements in an integrated texture.  Instrumental ‘hocket’ effects also occur between pipa and yang-chin to capture some natural sound phenomena such as panning effects of cricket chirping.

The title suggests a more continuous nature than the ancient variation in ‘Listen to the Wind’ entails, as the piece expresses more of a contemporary pastoral.

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